Dirty Bird’s Monster & More | Epic Edition

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In this week’s round-up of top Instagram pictures, salt cleans house over sugar in a big way…

#1 – NomNomNom Poutine

Constantine Toronto

If you’re coming to Toronto from Quebec, you might find that transitioning to poutine in Hogtown can leave you dreaming of the good old days of this dish back home in La Belle Province. Marc Perraut to the rescue.

Take a close look at the pic (courtesy of @foodpornto). Those curds are every bit as squishy and satisfying as they seem.

The fries will take you back to the fond memories you have of your favorite patateries in Lachine, Rosemont or Hochelaga.

And the gravy? No powdered, chemical-heavy synthetics here.

Oh non – Marc puts a lot of TLC in his hand-crafted gravy and you will taste the difference.

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Where to get NomNomNom’s poutine: 707 Dundas St W.

#2 – Constantine


A dish from Constantine so tempting, even the most hardcore Keto disciple will have to fit this into a cheat at some time or another.

You can get the Pappardelle alla Milanese with braised beef short rib at: 15 Charles St E.

#3 – Dirty Bird

Dirty Bird Toronto

Sweet lord in heaven, what is this?

Looking at this beautiful monstrosity, one might conclude that Harley from Epic Meal Time has taken over Dirty Bird.

Turns out this creation was concocted for a private event.

Yes, turns out Dirty Bird does private events.

Christened The Big Max, Dirty Bird is serving up two chicky thighs between three Belgian waffles.

Want in on this action? Either hit Dirty Bird up on Instagram or visit them at their best location:

79 Kensington Ave

#4 – Death In Venice Gelato Company

Death In Venice Gelato Company

This visual treat comes by way of @feedmyphone. 

What truly sets the Death In Venice Gelato Company apart from the rest isn’t just their nearly 50+ flavors of gelato (which are quite unique; grilled cheese & sourdough, blueberry & Sanagan’s mustard)…

…but it’s vegan too, so everyone can partake in the indulgence.

Visit them at: 536 Queen St. W.

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