Keto Toronto Food Guide | List of Ketogenic Diet Restaurants

You may have only heard of the keto diet.

You may already be a devout disciple spending your days in ketosis.

Either way, you can definitely use a little help.

Toronto is a massive city, however, keto is not widely available, despite it’s proven benefits.

With this guide, we’re hoping to make your restaurant-going options simpler if you choose to swear by the ketogenic diet at all times.

So here we go:

Keto TorontoRolltation

While Rolltation is not officially keto, you can still enjoy a large portion of its menu. Your burrito will have to be wrapped in the salad bowl options.

The only protein you can’t have is the shrimp tempura – other than that it’s a go!

When you get to the saucing stage of your burrito’s construction, the teriyaki sauce, teriyaki mayo and Korean citrus are the only options you can’t go with.

No word on what oil was used for their mayo, so it might be wise to avoid it to be sure.

Overall, Rolltation is a great option for couples who don’t share the same diet.

ketogenic TorontoSugar Daddies Bakery

OK, so you’ve realized that your body could really use the benefits of keto, but you can’t completely disconnect from the ever-delicious world of pastries?

Sugar Daddies feels your pain… and makes cookies, cheesecakes and more out of said pain.

While they have no sit-in locations in Toronto, their baked goods are easily accessible at several Penguin pick-up points across the city.

We’ll keep you up to date on when the first eat-in and/or take-out location opens its doors.

prohibition keto torontoProhibition Gastrohouse

While there are only two officially keto dishes on the menu, Prohibition still has many items that can be slightly modified to accommodate the ketogenic diet.

Of those two options, the chicken skin nachos are quite popular (pictured here) >>>

What’s great here is that many diets are observed and everyone from vegans to celiac sufferers have something to choose from.

Prohibition is easily one of the most foolproof options if you’re taking your office team out.

The Station Bar & Kitchen

It might not be the biggest keto menu, but The Station does have four items that will leave visitors on the ketogenic diet feel like they’re still getting a true pub experience.

You get to choose from two burgers to a keto steak and Swiss melt and of course, the ubiquitous pub staple, chicken wings. 

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